Drug Dealer Faces His Druggies

A new girl raised her hand to share a testimony at the close of our service at the recovery center, and the time was near—I needed to close the service for the morning. But her tears, those streaming down her face for most of the teaching told me, her words were necessary, her heart exploding with a need to give the Lord glory. She stood, wiping those tears with both hands, explaining her nephew’s conversion in prison, a total new-heart and new-desire, salvation, a complete deliverance from his old lifestyle. After he served time in prison, coming back home, and known before in the community as a drug dealer, his old friends showed up at his home. They proceeded to filter into his living room, taunting and making fun of his faith in being a Christian. They accused him of not having faith. Of not being saved. Of not having a clue what he was talking about as far as living for Christ. Their accusations rose in intensity and the atmosphere in the house grew to one that could have gone into violent mode—since the six or so men longed to make a purchase of drugs. Thus, their taunts were … Continue reading Drug Dealer Faces His Druggies